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The Cacao Ceremony


Cacao Ceremonies differ throughout the world and are as unique and individual as the origin of your cacao and the intention behind the ceremony.  The ancient Mayans recognized cacao’s many healthful properties and included it in their sacred rituals as an offering to the gods and ancestors. Song, chants and prayers often accompany traditional cacao ceremonies, but you can create one for yourself.



Ceremony is defined as an Observance;

A Ritual or Outward Gesture which 

Signifies the Marking of Time.


 Ceremonies can be solemn and formal, joyful and free or simply an act performed with intention.   


This simple cacao ceremony is about Reflection and Gratitude.  We take a few moments after preparing our tea to breathe deeply and let our senses take over.  We close our eyes and absorb the many nuances around us; envisioning ripening pods peeking through the rainforest canopy; feeling the temperature and movement of the air; listening to the sounds of nature surrounding us even as we are mindful of the subtle scent of grass and flowers.

 As we inhale the aroma steaming from our cup, we reflect on what we learned about cacao during the tour; the years that pass in its journey from seedling to ripened pod; the many hands it passes through during the process of harvest, crack, fermentation; the daily turning and weeks drying in the sun before the cured beans are finally ready to be roasted and winnowed into the tea sitting in the cup we now hold.  


We are grateful for this moment, as we share in the simple act of sipping tea among friends. 

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100% Pure Hawaiian Roasted Cacao

Cacao Tea is made from the outer husks and smaller pieces of the bean that have been separated from the nibs through a process called Winnowing,


Hilo Shark’s cacao tea is double-sifted so there is less residual husk and more actual cacao nibs and powder, which makes for a deep, chocolaty cup of tea!



  • Heat water until it just starts to boil; remove from heat.

  • Spoon 3-4 Scoops into a French Press, Tea Ball or Tea Pot insert.

           (May also be run through a drip coffee pot or filter); ​

  • Slowly pour hot water over cacao tea to desired level; Stir

  • Cover and allow to steep approx. 5 minutes or until it reaches

       desired color




  • Milk, Nut Milk or Cream (warmed if can)

  • Honey, Syrup, Agave or sweetener of choice

  • Vanilla or Extract

  • Chai or Favorite Spices

  • Natural Fruit Powders

  • Whipped Cream

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