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About Hilo Shark's

"Tom Sharkey in his greenhouse drying cacao and coffee today in Papaikou. Sharkey is the Godfather of Hawaii chocolate. He has helped so many of us along the cacao path. Today he let me come over and crack a 5 gal. bucket of beans into nibs and loaned us a second dehydrator to use to dry macadamias until our new one arrives, “or when I need it.” I think we better make him a pie tonight. At least. Grateful."

~posted by James A. 10/20/20

The man behind the cacao story...

Farmer Tom has been many things in his life; philosopher, teacher, rebel, businessman.  But farming, working the land, watching things grow and sharing them with others is his greatest passion.  We hope our products evoke the exotic flavors of Hawai'i

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